Glad to be Back

It’s nice to be feeling so much better. I am working with my current doctor to try to make sure it lasts a while.

My previous doctor, whom I finally fired, was content to maintain the status quo even when I continually complained of slipping further into depression. After I got fed up and took action to get better help, I hooked up with a doctor who understands and cares.

The big problem is that anti-depressants don’t work well with Bipolar Disorder. They work for 4-6 months and then fade out. I finally think I have a doctor that understands that. My current med has kicked me into a very mild hypomania, which I am really enjoying. It’s so wonderful to feel good again.

Progress is being made on a new short story (YAY! it’s been way too long!). It is called “Love, Honor, and Cherish”, and I am really enjoying writing it. It’s a mainstream story about, you guessed it, love and marital problems. I often miss being able to write the dark, twisted tales, but it’s just really hard to force my mind into that mode right now. The down side of hypomania, as far as my writing is concerned.

I also got most of the links on my Pubs and Subs page updated. Apparently, my stories have been poison to any market that has published them to date. The roster of the dead includes AlienSkin, The Harrow, A Fly in Amber, The Writer’s Hood, and Nocturnal Ooze. Editors beware!

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