Subs Galore

I currently have 12 short stories in submission. To the best of my knowledge and belief, this is the most I have ever had out at one time. Here’s hoping some (or all!) of them can find a home.

Work on Washed in the Blood v.2 continues. I have finished revising through Chapter 2 and am beginning Chapter 3 today. You may notice the progress meter jump significantly from time to time. That’s when I copy and paste from v. 1 to v. 2. It will also go retrograde occassionally as I rearrange and delete as necessary to make things fit.

Revision is a lot more like real work than composing was. So many details to keep up with. Consistency flaws to set right. Subplots to weave in. It’s really hard for me. I would much rather be concentrating on creativity than the nuts and bolts, and it’s hard sometimes to keep from jumping over to work on another project.

What is keeping me going is the opportunity to exercise creativity in adding scenes and editing the existing scenes to make them stronger. That part is really fun.

I’m starting to dread the second revision, though. That’s where things get down to strictly nuts and bolts. The story has to be complete by then and pretty much set in stone. I foresee major battles as my Muse decides that this or that has to be done to enhance or improve things. I’ll have to fight to keep out of the endless revision cycle.

Maybe I can promise myself work on a new project as a reward for getting this one done and out the door. I have several in the idea stage that I can get excited about very easily.

Enough chatter. Work calls. Mayhem must ensue.

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