Winter Makes Its Usual Brief Appearance

Freezing rain is falling. Sleet is forecast. Fear fills every heart and panic assaults every mind. Never mind that the temperature will remain in the upper 30’s tonight. Bread and milk must be bought.

Of course, many of us also remember that fateful day in 1972 when we were supposed to get a couple of brief snow flurries with temperatures remaining in the 40’s all day. We wound up with 18 inches of snow on the ground. For the Deep South, that’s a disaster of monumental proportions.

We’ll see. As long as I get home tonight, I’ll be fine. Firewood is stacked and ready.

7 thoughts on “Winter Makes Its Usual Brief Appearance

  1. The last six months has provided very strange weather for southern Ontario, as it may have for those in the south-eastern U.S. Currently, Toronto is a bit cold at 20F with a trace of snow left from a hefty dump several weeks ago. We should be in the deep freeze by now with the temperature hovering between -5F and 10F, with snow crunching underfoot, windchills and all bundled up in downfilled coats, hats and scarves.

    Last week we had what we would call “spring weather”, a balmy 40F in combination with rain. (Some inventive person years ago thought Canada should convert all measurements to metric — it’s taken me years to remember without looking it up, or calculate it.)

    And, Carter you say freezing rain? Yuck, I hate that stuff. I feel for you. Hope you get home safe and sound, and throw a log on the fire for me. Crackling, hissing, spitting as the sap pops.

  2. Hi Barbara! It’s been weird all over this winter. We’ve had barely any cold weather at all. The peach growers are getting pretty nervous about the lack of freezing weather. Peaches need a certain amount to flower, and they’re not getting it this year.

    We got through with just rain this time, though people north of us got some ice and snow. We still enjoyed watching the fire. Especially the cats.

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