Wet Noodles

I found Saturday and Sunday yesterday, now Monday is the problem. It seems like the more problems I find and fix, the more there are left to do. I feel like I’m wrestling with a pile of oily cooked spaghetti. Gah!

The problem is that this a part of the story where a lot of things happen in a short time. Timing is the ral problem–fitting everything into the appropriate time span. The devil’s in the details, somebody said. I believe it.

I am making good progress in spite of myself, though. I’m considering a scene re-arrangment to see if that helps anything. This is where having plot cards really helps. I can shuffle and re-shuffle as I need to to make things fit BEFORE I start rewriting large chunks of text.

My doctor prescribed some good medicaments to help with my back problem, so this part of the process may get a little wonkier before it gets better. I’ll plan on reviewing it next week.

Onward and upward. And sideways. And upside-down and…

2 thoughts on “Wet Noodles

  1. Ohh man! I’m having this problem with my current WiP. It takes place in a week, Tuesday to Tuesday (heh), and I keep stopping and going, “Okay, WHAT day is it?” … only I stupidly never actually check… when I was starting, I thought, I should make a timeline… nahhhh. *kicks self*

    Good luck with your noodles. I like noodles. A bit of marinara and a sprinkle of parm… delish. 😀

  2. when I was starting, I thought, I should make a timeline

    Is there an echo in here? I remember thinking that same thing. Live and learn, huh? That pile of noodles turned out really well. Now I’m wrestling with the following Thursday, in which everybody sits on their hands and stares. Sigh. Next time…

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