Zette, We Appreciate You!

First there was Forward Motion (courtesy of Holly Lisle, upon whom may all gods smile), then came Lazette Gifford.� As the owner and administrator of Forward Motion, a large community of writers, Zette has a job very close akin to the proverbial herding of cats, only riding an ostrich instead of a horse.� That she not only does this job, but does it very well indeed, is a testament to her strength of mind, composure, and generosity.� Her “Two-Year Novel” course at FM is a perennial hit.

In addition to running Forward Motion, Zette also edits Vision: a Resource for Writers, an online magazine for writers by writers, mostly FM members.� Another full-time job.� She also finances FM and Vision by paying for hosting and bandwidth from her own pocket, which is quite frankly not very deep.� Plus, she maintains three (3 !) regularly-updated blogs: Joyously Prolific (writing), Zette’s Storybook (short stories), Zette’s Picture a Day (photography) — and a couple of other speciallized blogs.

On top of all this, Zette is the Associate Editor of Dragon Tooth Fantasy, an imprint of Double Dragon Press.

Finally, and most impressively, she habitually writes over one million (1,000,000 !!) words per year.� Most writers have trouble writing one novel during National Novel Writing Month.� Zette usually finishes three and thinks that’s not enough!

When you talk about giving back and paying forward, you’re talking about Lazette Gifford.� I don’t know if there are enough superlatives to describe this woman.� All I can do is bow to her unmatchable generosity and say a weak, but strongly felt, “Thank you”.

We don’t always remember to say these words to those who work so hard in the background.� I am pleased and proud to have this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Zette for all she has done and continues to do for those of us struggling to learn.

Forward Motion – http://www.fmwriters.com/
Vision – http://www.lazette.net/Vision/
Zette’s website – http://www.lazette.net/

The Official Zette Appreciation Day post is at Margaret Fisk’s blog.� Stop by and see just how much Zette is loved by those who know her.

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