To Revise Or Not To Revise — That Is The Question

I recently got a rejection on my short story “Sea Change” with a comment about why it was rejected. The editor said that the first and last scenes had a mystical feel, but the rest of the story was realistic. They thought that was too distracting. The problem with that is that that is exactly the effect I was trying for. Thus, a dilemma: revise to fit this editor’s comments or stick with my own vision.

This story has a long history, including an almost-acceptance. I got a revision request from one market, a very rare situation for a short story. Unfortunately, that market went under before I got the revision done. It has drawn rejections from 8 other markets besides that one and the latest. 10 rejections for a short story is certainly not unusual, and I believe in this story enough to keep it in circulation.

But, the dilemma. I have not yet decided what I am going to do about this. I am leaning toward not revising in order to preserve my vision of the story. On the other hand, would revising it in this way make it more marketable? Which is more important?

While I decide, I have 2 other stories in the garage in need of help. I also have the latest story ideas rolling around and slowly becoming clearer in my mind. No lack of work here.

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