Changing My Life

On my doctor’s orders, I have begun making some changes in my life. I have gone on a low/no starch diet and started an exercise program. The results after 2 weeks — better control over my blood sugar than I have had in years. I am also looking forward to losing some weight along the way. It’s too early for that to show up yet in any significant way.

The diet is the tough part. Starches are such a large part of the American diet that it can be hard to break the habit, much less find alternatives. Flour is such a staple that it is very hard to avoid. So are potatoes, rice, corn, and other starchy vegetables. So is sugar.

This diet is requiring me to pay a lot more attention to my food choices, to be aware of the content of what I am eating. .I am having to shop more carefully and take more time in food preparation. I have been scouting out low or no starch recipes and finding some that look very good.

My diet is not really Paleo. That variation encourages a lot more fat consumption. I have to be a little more careful about that and limit fats, as weight control is a big concern and harder to maintain for diabetics. Good fats, olive oil and nuts, for instance, are OK in small quantities. I will get enough other fat from meat and other sources to make up for that.

What I really miss right now are baked goods. With flour on the banned list, baking is going to be a little bit of a problem. I have found some recipes that use almond and flaxseed meal that look good. I will experiment with that a little bit an report back.

Just like with gardening, changing your diet is a lot of work. I think it will be worth it in the end.

2 thoughts on “Changing My Life

  1. I recently did a 3 week raw food plan – it was really tough at first to change my eating habits. however it felt fantastic & although i’ve not continued to eat only raw food – i’ve incorporated some of the food/recipes into my diet now and am certainly healthier for it!

    • Raw food also winds up being a part of eating low-carb, especially when you have to go toward the extreme, the way I do. It is tough to get used to, but good for you in the long run. I am glad that worked out for you.

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