Nov 25

Enforced Idleness

I am on furlough today as a result of state budget woes. This is the second of three furlough days this quarter. We will “get” another on December 31.

I am also starting to get a little nervous. I realized over the weekend how close January has gotten. With the day off today and holidays Thursday and Friday (on Friday we celebrate Robert E. Lee’s birthday, if you can believe that. It’s an official holiday in Georgia), all of a sudden I will be in December with a lot of stuff to do to get ready for my transfer and more days off at the end of the month. Maybe nervous energy will carry me through.

I don’t think I have mentioned my impending transfer here. I am going to be the Librarian at another campus closer to home. 10 miles rather than 30. a 15-minute commute as opposed to close to an hour. And I will be the head honcho. A little scary, but I am looking forward to it.

January 4th will be my first day in my new position. I will be getting off to an interesting start as I train both myself and a new Evening Reference Librarian at the same time. I am not used to 14-hour days anymore. I guess I better get used to them, though. That’s part of the price of being a boss.

We will be interviewing applicants for the Evening Reference Librarian position next Friday. I am hoping for at least one good candidate. It’s so hard to tell from applications, cover letters, and resumes. Personality is all-important for people working in close proximity in a small library. Fingers crossed.

I have spent some time today re-writing a short story. I am pleased to discover how much fun I have had doing that. I always get very worried when I am down. The possibility of losing interest in writing completely scares me. It’s something that is an important part of my life, and I really don’t want to lose it.

All-in-all a good day. I need more of these. Here’s hoping…

Nov 13

…And we’re back!

Anybody who was checking the blog over the last few days would have noticed some pretty weird happenings over here. I had a little trouble with DNS settings and a previous version of things.

But I’m feeling much better now.

I did get some good news last week. I am transferring to the local campus to be the Librarian there. That will save me about 30 minutes commute each way and a ton of gas. I am really looking forward to that.

The depression is still hanging on, but that news helps take a little of the bite out of it. Something else to be hopeful about.

And I’m trying to get up the nerve and energy to try to write something new. You never know. It might turn out to be something other than shit. We’ll see.