May 27


I’m not going to make my goal of ten stories for the Story-a-Day Challenge at Forward Motion. I only got five done and uploaded. I do have two more underway, but I won’t have time to finish them.


I’m okay with that. Of the five uploaded stories and two unfinished, five of them contain the seeds of compelling stories, and one more niggles at my imagination in a way that tells me I’ll see it again some day, probably in disguise.

At the same time, I joined a crit group at FM that has already pushed me to finish a story that has been hanging fire forever (“What Dreams May Come”). A couple more are waving from the wings. Doing crits has possibly helped me more than anything else to learn about craft. Studying others’ work is an excellent way to get to know my own. I have missed that over the past couple of years.

All things considered, I am quite pleased with the Merry Month of May.

May 21


Jean reminded me that I had neglected to update everybody on conditions down here. Sorry about that.

The school got away with not a whole lot of damage. A lot of trees down, and the state vehicles assigned to the school were all severly damaged. One building had a portion of its roof ripped off and the inside flooded, which dispossessed the CIS, Cosmetology, and Early Childhood Education programs.

The library excaped unharmed. I am now feverishly working on our long-overdue Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan. ACK!!! So many details! It’s already 9 pages and nowhere near done. My eyes hurt.

Anyway, the homeless departments have been relocated, and a lot of classes are now in our building. Couple that with the fact that the library is now the only open computer lab on campus. Our business is booming.

On the “writing is fun” front, I have made some progress. I have posted 5 stories in the Story-a-Day Challenge at Forward Motion. I may not make the 10 I signed up for, but it’s been a blast, nonetheless. Lots of creativity flowing over here. I also signed up for a critique group. It’s been a while since I did any critiques or asked for any. That should be a lot of fun, too, and do me a world of good. Maybe I can start selling some stuff more regularly. Maybe even get some prefessional-level sales? Gotta have your dreams.

Back to the weather: severe thunderstorms in the area last night. They knocked down trees and powerlines about 10 miles north of us. We did not get a drop of rain. I don’t know whether to be glad or worried. We’ve been barely missed so many times lately, I’m starting to think that we’re due for something bad. Maybe I’ll be glad and worried at the same time. I can do that, you know. I’m good at being paradoxical. 🙂

May 12

Spring Sprang Upon Us Tooth and Claw

More tornadoes came through Saturday night. I’m still waiting to see if I have a place of employment to go back to. An F2 twister came right down Eisenhower Parkway past the front gate of the campus where I work. Latest word is that we are definitely closed today and tomorrow. We’ll see from here.

No damage at the house. We were lucky again. Didn’t even lose power.

In the meantime, we are enjoying a truly wonderful Spring day today. Here’s a picture of the columbine we planted earlier this year. Enjoy.


May 06

May Madness is Going Well

So far, I have written and uploaded three very short stories. Seven more to go. I’m going to try to get two more done this week. What I’m writing are more synopses or pivotal scenes than real stories, but they could turn into something down the road. They do all have character development of some sort and plots with beginnings, middles, and ends.

As I said before, I had forgotten just how much fun this is. Just writing for the sake of putting words down. No expectations, no “be good or be gone” pressure. These are not for submission, just for fun.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? If you’re not having fun, then why write?

May 03

May Madness

I decided to join the Story-a-Day Challenge at Forward Motion. I joined at the Apprentice level, so I only committed to 10 stories for the month. The deal is to write and post 10 stories of at least 500 words each based on prompts from a list of generators provided. I posted my first story on May 1, and I have several more simmering.

I had forgotten how much fun things like this can be. The old wheels are turning, though still a bit creaky, and the words and ideas are starting to trickle out. As the month goes on, I expect things to loosen up quite a bit and get my mind working again the way it used to.

Fun stuff and good exercise — a great regimen for Spring.