Apr 23

Turn the Page

Turn the page.
Spew words, thoughts,
half-digested, wretched.

Turn the page.
Dark cacaphony,
strident, staccato, senseless.

Turn the page.
Honeybee hum,
patient, hypnotic. Boring.

Turn the page.
An incantation out of time,
out of mind, out of soul. Magic.

Turn the page…

Apr 23

Still Alive

Silence speaks volumes –
What words cannot convey.

Words like weary, lonely, sad
Pale to ashy shadow
in the silence of reality.

Words like struggle, persevere
fade to black against
against unyielding silence.

Words like pain, misery, hurt
flare and die,
futile against the aching void.

Silence remains.
Constant companion,
understanding partner.

Thank all of you who have stuck by me in this terrible, silent time.