Dec 28


Got heat.

Nothing really to say right now, just checking to see if my e-mail link is working. Sucks that all the comments went tits-up.

Dec 27


Blogger troubles. I’ll never understand why people feel compelled to be such idiots.

Current reading: Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg (Santa Claus was good to me this year), The Essential Ellison by Harlan Ellison
Current listening: A Day Without Rain by Enya, Live by Request by k. d. lang, Lord of the Rings audiobook by Brian Sibley – good way to spend those long commutes
Current writing: only writing practice for the past couple of days

VPN finally working. Copying data from one of the remote offices today. Takes practically forever to copy a couple gigs of data over a T-1, so should have some writing time this afternoon. Go live Monday, probably. Getting an ulcer. One more office after this one, start next week. Are we having fun yet?

Should have heat this evening (God and FedEx and Earl’s Heating and Air willing). Don’t even want to think about how much this is going to cost. Remember to get Maalox on the way home. Wheeee.

Got to start gathering story ideas for the Dare. Might be able to pull some out of my practice notebook, if I can get up the courage to go back and read some of it. The Editor says it’s all crap, and might be right. This writing business is scary, sometimes. I’m never sure if I’m going to have the courage for the next step. Just close your eyes and take it, I guess. I’ve survived so far and, as somebody said: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” So how come I ain’t Hercules?

Dec 24


“A Time To Every Purpose: is at 3000 words and going strong. Won’t be ready today. I’ll try for a final rewrite over the weekend.

Furnace gave uyp the ghost. Have to order parts. Won’t be fixed till Friday. Many clothes and my fingers are freezing. A real bummer, but it’s hard to get too far down on Christmas Eve with Handel’s “Messiah” on the stereo at full blast (Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Chorus with Robert Shaw conducting, 1984).

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” Glorious! You can feel the love and passion that Handel had for his subject. “Glory to God!”, is what he said. “Thank you God for caring about me!” Whether you agree with the words or not, the music is a pure, divine glory, and anybody that can sit still during the Last Judgement in Part Three has serious problems. Man Alive! Music like this makes me glad I’m alive to hear it.

Dec 23


Haven’t blogged for a while. Work has been insane, and now Christmas is hovering over me like a giant, shrieking harpy. Things got to get better soon. I’m too old for this.

Finished Writing Down the Bones. Absolutely required reading for creative writers. No question. Also read Self-editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King (Harper Perennial, 1993). Good solid advice on the mechanics of dialogue (external and internal), pacing, characterization, beats, proportion, etc. This looks like one that I’ll come back to often. If I can’t be writing, I guess I can at least be reading about writing, right?

Back to work on “A Time To Every Purpose”. Holding steady at around 2700 words, right now, but almost all completely new. I think I have a handle on this one, now. Hope to finish a solid draft tonight or tomorrow. I want to post it for crit on Forward Motion. Feeling real good about it right now.

Back to writing now.

Dec 16


“Play It Again, Sam” just went down the tubes. Sam is a great character, and I think he’ll be back, he just was the wrong one to tell this story. Back to page one with a different perspective. Working title “Here’s To You, Kid”.

“The Easy Way Out” bounced by Poet’s Canvas. That was fast.

Current active WIP :

“Here’s To You, Kid” (started this morning, sequel to “We’ll Always Have Paris”)
“A Time To Every Purpose” (formerly “Bag of Bones”)
“Grace For The Sinner”
“Sea Change”
“Sunday Morning” (flash)
“Bare Trees”
“Intimate Strangers”

Need Rewrite
“Rounding the Cape”
“The Eveil That Men Do”

Finished but not currently submitted
“Baby Blues” (flash)
“The Easy Way Out”

“Wolf Moon” (Quantum Muse)
“In The Hands Of An Angry God” (flash) (unhinged)
“Where The Heart Is” (Anotherealm)
“For Better Or For Worse” (flash) (Vestal Review)
“Jericho” (flash) (flashquake)

Dec 15


I have a fan! Actually, that’s a gross exaggeration, but I did receive an e-mail this morning from someone who read “We’ll Always Have Paris”. Aside from the ego pump, which was and is enormous, this note got me thinking about Holly’s question about why we write.

I thought about this question a lot before I answered it. My reaction to getting this note this morning was one of feeling validated and satisfied. This is the reason that I write — the main one, anyway. There is a tremendous satisfaction and gratification in knowing that something that I wrote touched another life. I have disturbed the Universe. Somewhere in the world, someone now carries a tiny piece of me in their heart. I have left a mark, no matter how small, on the walls of the world.

The challenge now is to redouble my efforts, to make a bigger mark, and a bigger one after that, to reach out to other people and show them what I see and what I feel and make them see and feel the same things, so they will understand me better and, through me, others.

Early New Year’s Resolution: make more of an effort to provide feedback to other writer. It makes a real difference.

Dec 13


Blogspot appears to be off the air. It was hiccupping on the comments last night, which might have been an early indication of a problem. Thank Heavens for BlogBuddy!

“Writing Down the Bones” is just as fabulous as everybody says it is! Just got started on it, but I can already see that I’m going to have to get a separate notebook just to keep track of all the ideas that I want to remember. Required reading for all creative writers! I also like the size of the book. Just right for a shirt pocket. It is also so small that it forces the reader to focus on it very carefully, which really helps people like me that tend to drift sometimes while reading.